Dr. Libby Trausch, PT, DPT

After 10 years as a doctor of physical therapy, Libby has created a niche practice in persistent pain, women’s health, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Her treatment techniques are based on movement and posture retraining, quality manual therapy, and yoga. Her expertise is in helping people with the most complicated medical histories see a way forward, find relief, and even more importantly, rediscover hope. She has extensive training in Medical Therapeutic Yoga and weaves its’ theories and treatment techniques into all of her treatment sessions.


“Since I love teaching, my favorite Breathe events are our free workshops.  Once a month we have a free workshop to learn more about postpartum healing, back pain, preparing for birth, pelvic floor problems, essential oils and other pain problems. We love meeting people from our community and empowering them to help themselves!”

Dr. Molly Lechtenberg, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Dr. Molly Lechtenberg

Molly graduated from Des Moines University in 2008. She has worked with people aging 1 month to over 100 years old. Working as a traveling Physical Therapist she gained special manual skills from therapists all over the country. She enjoys assisting with even the most complicated cases, those who feel they have a lot of problems working against them, to help find relief from pain and empower them to have a program at home to continue their success. She is certified in myofascial trigger point dry needling.


“I cannot live without avocados. (but really my kids, husband…..)”

Dr. Kaylee Carroll, PT, DPT

Kaylee has been with Breathe. since June of 2017. She continues to find passion in empowering her patients to understand their bodies better and work together to improve symptoms. She has pursued extensive professional training in women’s health, pelvic floor and core dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic pain, pre-natal and post-natal care, and a variety of manual therapy techniques. She is also able to relate to her pre-natal patients even more right now, as her family is expecting their first child in July 2018!


“The best part of working at Breathe. is working in a supportive and empowering environment. Not only are we always trying to find ways to support and uplift each other daily as co-workers, we also bring that focus into our patient care. I love being able to empower women to return to their active lifestyle and work towards achieving their personal goals no matter what their interests may be!”

Dr. Jenny Jeshurun, PT, DPT

Dr. Jenny is a 2017 grad of the University of Miami and a proud native of Michigan. She uses a variety of manual therapy and movement techniques, complimenting her soothing demeanor to help clients meet their goals. She has training in trigger point dry needling and enjoys using it as part of treatment so you can walk longer, sleep better, sit as long as you need, and play however you’d like.


“The best part of my job is getting to be a part of each person’s journey – whether they are trying to run a marathon, pick up kiddos without pain, or reach a new goal, I love being a part of it. Hearing patient’s say “Because of Physical Therapy I can….” is one of the greatest gifts as a PT!”

Dr. Kristen Strawhacker, PT, DPT, ATC, LAT

Women's Physical Therapist Dr. Kristin StrawhackerA 2014 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Kristen is trained in Movement System Impairment and certified in Medical Therapeutic Yoga. Additionally, she has training in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization which emphasizes the developmental postures to enhance musculoskeletal stability. Her passion lies in assisting athletes and patients of all kind restore musculoskeletal balance and feel their best. Outside of impacting the lives of the individuals she works with, her hobbies include cooking and the all girls cycling group she is part of. 



“Iowa Hawkeye Football.” She even worked as an athletic trainer with the team for two years!

Dr. Megan Myers, PharmD

Megan graduated from the Pharm.D. program at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2006. She is a pharmacist and our dōTERRA representative. She started using essential oils as a hobby and quickly realized they were far more than an alternative to incense. Ultimately, after understanding essential oils, she felt compelled to educate the public based on her knowledge of chemistry, pharmacology, health conditions and potential interactions with concurrent medications. In addition to her passion for oils, Megan was recently an author on innovative pharmacy research published in one of the most well respected national pharmacy journals.


“Besides essential oils, I cannot live without iced tea!”

Candice Fantauzzi, STOTT Pilates

Candice is a Des Moines native. She has been a professional in the fitness world since 2007 and has been certified in STOTT Pilates since 2011. The main focus of her training is on injury prevention, as well as pre-natal and post-natal fitness. She believes that moving your body can be a very powerful healing experience. Her goal is to help her clients do the activities they enjoy, without pain.


“The essential oils classes. They compliment mindful movement so well!”

Summer Roper

Summer is our Office Manager, but she prefers the term “Chaos Coordinator”. With a passion for essential oils, she has grown her expertise as the doTERRA Wellness Advocate for the office and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others at the regular oils classes. Prior to finding her home at Breathe. Summer spent 5 years in South America, and she admits that Japan is next on her bucket list.


“Best part of my job is watching the women that come here, over time improve. Many go from no hope to cheerful voices and shining eyes. When I can play a part in that, by helping them with oils, it’s really exciting.”

Deborah English

Debbie is our Front Desk Receptionist. She may be the newest Breathe. team member, but her passion for our clients and her job shines through in her fresh perspectives and welcoming demeanor. Outside of her role in the office, Debbie has flower gardens that she tends to and a granddaughter that she cannot live without.


“Working with a wonderful group of ladies and interacting with the patients.”

Patty Bittner

Patty is the Billing and Credentialing Coordinator for Breathe. Though she does most of her work from home, one of her favorite things are the Breathe. events that give her the opportunity to meet and interact with clients. An avid traveler, Patty has visited Japan and lived in Maui, Hawaii for 15 years.


“Can’t live without my children, family and girlfriends.  Also, I can’t live without homemade Beef ‘N Noodles and chocolate.”

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